Thursday, April 27, 2006

Monday, MAY 1st

Break in May with a night at Quarry!
Topic: Pentecost - what was the deal back then and today?! Flames?! Tongues?! The Holy Spirit?! We just celebrated Easter, but the important part now is the "what now?!" If we long to be an Acts 2 church (vs. 42- 47) and community, let's also explore the Pentecost (vs.1-41)
Location: Dave & Alicia Holloways - 623 Thornwood Avenue - 905.639.8842
Time: 6:30 dinner; 7:30 worship, prayer, teaching...


Hey guys! This was a post/comment from Les that is worth a good read! Fire off the questions/comments/interests! And thanks Les! This is exciting!
I thought that last night was great. Really encouraging. Things are really starting to happen. There are serious rumblings.

I emailed this to the list, but here is the info so far on Micah House.You can visit
I have also included some exerpts from the site, cause I know that I rarely click on links.

Micah House is the work of a group of Christians from a variety of churches and organizations in Hamilton. Together, it is our goal to demonstrate God's love to newly arrived refugee claimants upon their arrival in Hamilton...

Here are few examples of activities that volunteers will participate in:
* being a friend to a new arrival preparing and cooking meals with and for our guests
* preparing Welcome Packs for new guests
* visiting with guests in the home
* accompanying individuals to appointments
* helping a family set up and move into their new home
* gardening and maintaining the house
* tutoring or teaching English
* assisting in the office
* updating and maintainting the website and managing e-mail
* interpreting and translating for guests

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


We want to be ...

... how do we become this?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

how we doin'? QUARRY - Monday 24

Hey guys! Hope you all had a fantastic easter! It was so great to come together with those who were able, and have a time of celebration - celebration for what God had been doing in our lives, and in Quarry!

We want to allow God to continue to move freely in our lives, and thru the ministry of Quarry... so, let's come together and brainstorm and evaluate and dream about what the next steps are for Quarry. Take some time to pray about it this week - how does committing to 15mins this coming week to pray, write, listen, sound?

6:30 - Dinner - BBQ TIME!!!
7:30 - Discussions, worship, prayer, etc...
rob & lisa irish's
540 Bridgman Avenue
(3 blocks east of Wellington Square)

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Monday, April 17

This week we'll be celebrating together how God has been moving during Lent (and beyond) in our lives, Quarry, our communities, our world ... how richly we have been blessed. Join us on Monday for a celebration through worship, prayer, food and conversation ...

6:30 Dinner ...

Maja & Rhonda's place
1265 Ontario Street, apt 604 (buzz 229)

See you then!

Monday, April 10, 2006

MONDAY, april 10 - FINAL SCOOP for tonight!

Hey guys, this just in!
how's that for last minute-ness! Again, im sorry!

But i think this plan is shaping out to be a real significant night of reflection as we approach easter...

we'll be meeting at: rob & lisa irish's
540 Bridgman Avenue
(3 blocks east of Wellington Square)

6:30 dinner
7:30 gathering
...worship, discussion, small group prayer time/ministry, space and reflection upon easter...

Sunday, April 09, 2006

MONDAY, April 10 - uhhh... stay tuned!

DETAILS TO COME on this week's Quarry. Due to some complications in planning, we may not be attending a church in stations of the cross worship... it may be a home church/normal model.
Sooo... stay tuned.


rho's number - 905.631.8267 if you need to call with an update...

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Monday, April 2

Our first Quarry in April! Hoorah! Hooray! Perhaps we get to have quarry bbqs' soon!

Hope to see you all out Monday
6:30- dinner
7:30 - worship/teaching/discussion
@ Lisa & Rob’s
540 Bridgman Avenue
905-632-9456(3 blocks east of Wellington Square)
send a shout out to Rob & Lisa if you will be joining us (or maybe not joining if you are a 'regular')

I'll be looking for volunteers to help bring stuff on Sunday, so you can beat me to the punch and let me know if you can bring something...

Topic: as we continue our preparation for Lent, and search thru the disciplines to find ways of seeking Him, we'll be looking at the spiritual discipline of submission.