Sunday, January 28, 2007



Hey there,

I apologize for the extreme delay in getting Quarry dinner info out there for tomorrow. I have been super busy with the Icewine Festival, and it just slipped my mind. This is not the most uptodate email address, so can any of you forward this to the rest of the group - perhaps from a 'blog update' email - I just don't have any in my inbox. This will be my next Quarry task! Tomorrow night I want to chat about food - find out what is the most efficient way to do this/see if others would like to be a part of the list. Then I'm going to make a calendar for the next 2 months, so it will all be done and you will always know in advance.

For tomorrow, we are back to the first week of this new cycle format - tell your friends...

Mark E - Meat Main
Maja - Veggie Main
Nathan - Side
Kim - Dessert
Janelle - Beverages


Friday, January 26, 2007

quarry, monday 29th

hey hey hey.
back together again.
looking forward to another monday together!

i will just point you to the previous week's post.
well... b/c all the info is the same.

i assume.

i noticed the calender isn't up right now, but maybe you discussed it last week. so... stay tuned on who bringing eats and treats.

otherwise see you at the irish homestead at 6:30

Thursday, January 18, 2007

lundi ... в понедельник ... monday

We're returning to the Irish homestead this week. Conversations around the island. Sinking into the red couch. We're back.

Come at 6:30 for dinner (check out the calendar to see if you should bring food! Onion-free, don't forget ... ), followed by our 'gathering' at 7:30.

You'll find Rob & Lisa's place at
540 Bridgman Avenue

If you've been cleaning, don't forget to bring your items to share ... Quesadilla-maker anyone?

Monday, January 15, 2007


bring your bibles tonight yo.

thats it.

Friday, January 12, 2007

second quarry of 2007!

This Monday (Jan 15) we are returning to Les & Lindsay's. The grandparents are still away ...

6:30 - dinner
7:30 - gathering ...

The Reynold abode is located at 2053 Halton Place.

The meal schedule has been updated on the calendar (look to the right, now up a bit, there it is!) ... thanks Janelle! For those on main course (or salad and dessert, I suppose), please don't forget about the onion allergy.

See y'all Monday ...

Thursday, January 04, 2007


woot woot.

we've survived the holiday craze, recovered from new year's celebrations, and hopefully have done more than just "gotten by". hopefully you have had some great moments with family, friends, and time away from the regular routine.

but some routines are good.
like meeting every Monday.

This Monday, Jan 8 we meet at Les & Lindsay's.
The parents are away, so Quarry can rock the whole house!

6:30 - eats
7:30 - gathering, meeting, etc...

The Reynold/Pugh address is
2053 Halton Place.
Janelle will be updating the food schedule (right friend?!) so keep checking back for those updates on whose bringing what.