Friday, March 24, 2006

Monday, March 27


We’re really shaking it up this week – new place, new time, new format! The only thing that hasn’t changed is that it’s still on Monday …

This week we’ll be focusing on worship. We won’t be dining together at the start of Quarry, so grab a snack before you come. Instead, we’ll go out afterward …

Here’s the plan:

7:00 ... meet at Wellington Square (in sanctuary)
After ... out for wings, fries, pints, salads, etc.

Until Monday ...

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Monday, March 20

Join us at Heather James' place:

680 Ramsgate Rd (Burlington)
(905) 631-8337

6:30- Dinner
please let Heather know if you'll be joining us for dinner:
7:30 - Worship ... teaching ... prayer

Orville James will be joining us this week as we continue in our series on
Spiritual Disciplines, leading us in an exploration of the discipline of solitude.

See you Monday!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Chocolat ...

Mmmmm … Chocolat was a great film and the fondue was delicious – I’m sure glad I didn’t give up chocolate (or cheese or fruit or banana bread or … )

I’ve been thinking more about the discipline of fasting this week … what are my motives? What is God trying to teach me? What am I learning? How might an ongoing practice of this discipline impact? Just a few thoughts running through my mind …

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Monday's Quarry

Join us ...
@ Lisa & Rob’s
540 Bridgman Avenue 905-632-9456
(3 blocks east of Wellington Square)

6:30 Come with your favorite fondu dipping treat
(we will have cheese AND chocolate sauce!)

This week we will be continuing in our exploration of Lent and Spiritual Disciplines. Some of us will be fasting for the 24hrs. prior to Quarry - it will be great to share together our experience of how God has been moving (expect great things!). Though whether or not you’re fasting, please join us at 6:30 for conversation, worship, food and film.

For those who will be fasting this week, Nathan has passed on some tips:

1/ Fast from 6:30 Sunday night until 6:30 Monday evening.

Don't eat a heavy meal to 'store up' for the fast. Just eat regularly the day before – fresh fruits and vegetables are recommended.

3/ During the fast, drink water. You can also drink fruit juices ... or you can drink just water ... whatever.

4/ Use the time you would usually be eating meals to focus on God and pray, read the Bible, enjoy creation, build into community, etc.

5/ Keep the fact that you are fasting to yourself. Only tell peoplewho need to know; this will help ensure that the focus and reason for your fast remains true. However, if you usually eat meals with your family, co-workers or significant other, and they are not fasting, explain to them why you are not eating with them ... don't just blow them off.

6/ Allow God to move in and through you. Be open. You are honouring God with this fast and he is pleased with you.

Monday, March 06, 2006


What a great night of teaching, discussion, worship, and prayer we had together tonight at Quarry. For those who missed it, we talked about fasting as part of our series on 'spiritual disciplines'. We wrestled with questions like...should we even be fasting?... how can we fast for long periods of time and still be expected to function without proper nutrition?... are we even commanded to fast?... what are the wrong motives to fast?... We didn't come up with all the answers or a cookie cutter method to this act of fasting, but our hope in all the practice of discipline is to help us draw closer to God - that it be an act of worship - that we excercise new ways of seeking his face...

If you would like, you can join us as we fast together; several of us will be fasting prior to next week's Quarry. We will break our fast together at 6:30, Monday as we share a meal (and chocolate!) together. Perhaps you'd like to join us...

If you want to read up on fasting, Richard Foster's "Celebration of Discipline" has some fabulous thoughts and scriptures to look at.

Perhaps someone (nathan?) could post some of the basic suggestions for fasting as well.

Let us pray that God speaks to us in new and exciting ways this week!

Let us not just dip our toe in, but begin to swim...

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Monday, March 6

Monday: time for Quarry!

6:30 - dinner ...
7:30 - gathering, worship, etc...

@ Rhonda & Maja's
1265 Ontario Street
Apt 604, buzz #229

Drop us an email ( or ring
if you plan on joining us for dinner ...

See you Monday!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

now what?

So i've been continuing to ponder Maja's thoughts and challenges on servanthood since Monday. So often I get caught up in just token acts of service, but not fostering a servant's heart...

What does that mean for Quarry? How can we better serve one another... how can we be continually looking outside ourselves? Staying late to do dishes? Offering someone a ride? Listening instead of speaking? Stepping outside of our comfort zones to bless someone else?

And beyond that - what does service look like with those in our everyday and mundane - from our families and friends, in our workplace, to the people we meet on the street (and sharing giving out wallets?!) or giving up your seat on the GO, to stacking chairs after a meeting at church...

So many possibitlies... so many i often miss...
May we humbly develop the attitude of Christ...