Friday, December 29, 2006

happy new year!

See you on January 8th!

Gathering chez Reynolds (right guys?!) ... check the calendar soon for the meal schedule update.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Friday, December 15, 2006

IT'S PARTY TIME! the second ANNUAL quarry christmas party!

second annual.
we can say that now.
how cool is that?! (almost as cool as the below post and comments)


7:00 - ???

The Dickens Pub

423 Elizabeth Street

(ya know... the one by th LCBO and Beer Store)

we have the "upper room" (the spiritual component of the evening)

we'll eat.
we'll drink.
we'll laugh.

Oh! and last week we talked about bringing canned food for Micah House. You can still do that, but we got a newsletter that made the following suggested ways of supporting them this Christmas
- assembling a "exit package" for the guests (includes cleaners, sponges, dish soap, tea towels, dish clothes, phone card, pail, etc)
- buying gifts for the guests to open on Christmas morning
- financial contributions

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

question du jour

Consider this our Christmas gift to you, our Quarry friends.
Get ready for the most memorable 'outfits' of our childhoods ...
circa 1984: the legendary computer sweatshirt

take note of the battery pack.
and now, scroll down ...
keep scrolling ...
a little bit further ...
trust me, it's worth it ...
scroll scroll ...
aaaand ...
Don't let the sweater distract you ...

:) maja & rho

Friday, December 08, 2006

QUARRY, Monday

you guessed it.
at rob & lisa's

540 Bridgman Avenue

6:30 din-din
7:30 gathering

... the pondering of the evening... "what does this advent deal really mean to you"... let's let scripture really speak to us and help us prepare for the upcoming Christmas season...

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Housekeeping, and a cool thought

Ok, so to your right (if you are on the main page) you will see link "Quarry Calendar". Click on it, and up comes a beautiful calendar with info about Quarry. If you click on an event, you see details, ie the location for next week is Rob and Lisa's. At the bottom, you can click on subscribe if you have a Google/Gmail account, and your calendar will be kept up-to-date with all the details. Pretty cool eh? I love it when technology is put to good use.

I have added the dates for Micah House, and the extra ones that are empty/available. Let me know if you want to help out. Rhonda, are ya???

Ok, now for the cool thought. I have been reading Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller (great book, not as good as Searching for God Knows What, but still great). I thought this passage was really neat. Wouldn't it be cool if people said these kind of things about Quarry (not the smoking pot stuff, and I'm not sure about the "loving each other... too physically"). I think we are off to a great start, let's keep working on it.

How to Really Love Other People

When my friend Paul and I lived in the woods, we lived with hippies. Well, sort of hippies. They certainly smoked a lot of pot. They drank a lot of beer. And man did they love each other, sometimes too much, perhaps, too physically, you know, but nonetheless they loved; they accepted and cherished everybody, even the ones who judged them because they were hippies. It was odd living with the hippies at first, but I enjoyed it after a while.

They were not the traveling hippies, the "live off the land and other people" hippies. They were formally educated, most of them from New York studying at NYU, getting their master's in literature, headed off to law school, that sort of thing. They knew all about Rostandt, all about Hopkins and Poe and Sylvia Plath. The know the Americans and the Brits and the fashionable African writers, the Cubans and South Americans. They were books themselves, all of them were books, and what was so wonderful is that to them, I was a book too. We would sit around and talk about literature and each other, and I couldn't tell the difference between the books they were talking about and their lives, they were just that cool. I liked them very much because they were interested in me. When I was with the hippies I did not feel judged, I felt loved. To them I was an endless well of stories and perspectives and grand literary views. It felt so wonderful to be in their presence, like I was special.

I have never experienced a group of people who loved each other more than my hippies in the woods. All of them are tucked so neatly in my memory now, and I recall our evenings at camp or in the meadow or in the caves in my mind like a favorite film. I pull them out when I need to be reminded about goodness, about purity and kindness.

So much of what I know about getting along with people I learned from the hippies. They were magical in community. People were drawn to them. They asked me what I loved, what I hated, how I felt about this and that, what sort of music made be angry, what sort of music made me sad. They asked me what I daydreamed about, what I wrote about, where my favorite places in the world were. They asked me about high school and college and my travels around America. They loved me like a good novel, like an art film, and this is how I felt when I was with them, like a person John Irving would write. I did not feel fat or stupid or sloppily dressed. I did not feel like I did not know the Bible well enough, and I was never conscious what my hands were doing of whether or not I sounded immature when I talked. I had always been so conscious of those things, but living with the hippies I forgot about myself. And when I lost this self-consciousness I gained so much more. I gained an interest in people outside my own skin. They were greater than movies to me, greater than television. The spirit of the hippies was contagious. I couldn't hear enough about Eddie's ballerina girlfriend or Owen's epic poems. I would ask them to repeat stories because, to me, they were like great scenes in favorite movies. I cannot tell you how quickly these people, these pot-smoking hippies, disarmed me.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined there were, outside the church, people so purely lovely as the ones I met in the woods. And yet my hippie friends were not at all close to believing that Christ was the Son of God.

This did not confuse me so much as it surprised me. Until this point, the majority of my friends had been Christians. In fact nearly all of them had been Christians. I was amazed to find, outside the church, genuine affection being shared, affection that seemed, well, authentic in comparison to the sort of love I had known within the church. I was even more amazed when I realized I preferred, in fact, the company of the hippies to the company of Christians. It isn't that I didn't love my Christian friends or that they didn't love me, it was just that there was something different about my hippie friends; something, I don't know, more real, more true. I realize that is a provocative statement, but I only felt I could be myself about them, and I could not be myself with my Christian friends. My Christian communities had always had little unwritten social ethics like don't cuss and don't support Democrats and don't ask tough questions about the Bible.

I stayed in the woods only a month. I wanted to stay longer, but I had secured a job in Colorado at a Christian camp and needed to honor that agreement. Though I had spent only a month with the hippies, it seemed like a lifetime. I had learned more about people, about community and happiness and contentment by living in the woods than I had in a lifetime of studying these ideas philosophically. I had discovered life outside the church, and I liked it. As I said, I preferred it. I said my sad good-byes and boarded a bus bound for Colorado.


Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bono addresses the Presidential Prayer Breakfast

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Montag, der 4. Dezember

What does it look or feel like to encounter God? What happens when I meet with God? When have I seen glimpses of God? Sitting on the porch, reading Narnia, travelling, listening, living in community, being alone, painting with children ...

Now, remembering Jesus & God meeting together ... What could it look like to encounter God? What could possibly (or seemingly impossibly?) happen with God? Imagining ... dreaming ... moving beyond the barriers ... actively seeking out these encounters, be they everyday or out-of-the-ordinary ... imagine.


Monday will find Quarry at Rob & Lisa's place:
540 Bridgman Avenue

6:30 scrumptious supper
7:30 group gathering for a great going-on

sieh Sie dort!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

El lunes, 27 de noviembre

Monday is coming!
This Monday will find us at Rob & Lisa's for a night of worship & sharing ...

540 Bridgman Avenue

6:30 delicious dinner
7:30 wonderful worship, powerful prayer, significant stories, fun fellowship

¡le ver allĂ­!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Monday November 20th

This week, we're gathering at Rob & Lisa's for Part 2 of Rob's series on the early church ...

540 Bridgman Avenue

6:30 dinner
7:30 worship, teaching ...

See you there!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Lundi (le 13ieme Novembre)

This Monday, Quarry returns Rob & Lisa's home:

540 Bridgman Avenue


Same time, same place. See you there.

6:30 dinner
7:30 worship, teaching ...

Thursday, November 02, 2006

November 6 (aka Monday)

This Monday, Quarry is at Rob & Lisa's home:
540 Bridgman Avenue

You know the drill ...
6:30 dinner
7:30 gather gather.

After hearing Walter's teaching last week (thanks Walter!), we're going to try the African Bible Study this week. Soooo, if you have any ideas for a chunk of scripture that we might explore using this tool, please let me know:

See you Monday!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Monday, Oct 30

This Monday, Quarry is @ Rob & Lisa's place

540 Bridgman Avenue

6:30 dinner
7:30 prayer, worship, chat ...

We'll be continuing our look at the bible and how to really dig into the word of God. Tonight Rev. Walter Maritilla will be taking us thru some tips and teachings on studying the word.

so perhaps a good idea to bring your bible...

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Monday, Oct 23

Hello Quarry friends!

We'll be meeting at the "Rev's" house this week, as Orville will be teaching and leading us thru some thoughts on scripture. We spent several weeks digging into prayer, and want to spend some time looking at the Word. How do we really study it? This week we'll be looking at how do we really meditate on scripture. What does that mean really?

Orville & Nancy James live at
680 Ramsgate Rd
(905) 631-8337

6:30 dinner
7:30 meeting

We haven't yet figured out meal planning ...
So, any takers for:
main courses?
salad & bread - rho

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Good News!!!

The Quarry hotline was lit up last night, with not one, but two health Quarry babies arriving just a few hours apart!!!

At 3:30 yesterday afternoon (Monday), Dave & Alicia's son arrived!
Timothy David Holloway.

Then, early this morning (Tuesday), Les & Lindsay's daughter arrived at 12:20!
Michal Elizabeth Reyolds.

Congratulations friends!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Micah Monday!

It's time for another adventure! We're off to Hamilton this week, to start our work on the garage at Micah House ...

So, grab some dinner before Quarry, and dress comfortably (and warmly ... we're going to be outside!).

As there's limited parking on the street (and because we love clean air), let's carpool together. If you're in Burlington, meet at Rhonda's place (439 Smith Ave) at 6:30.

Or, if you're already in Hamilton, you can meet us at Micah House at 7:00. They prefer not to post the house address online, so I'll send out an email with the address & directions to Micah House. If you didn't get this email (sorry!), email me at

Once we're finished with the garage, we'll move on to Nathan's place (179 Herkimer, Hamilton) for some fellowship ... bring your favourite munchies/beverages.

So, to recap:
6:30 meet at Rhonda & Maja's (439 Smith Ave, Burlington)
7:00 meet at Micah House (check your email, Hamilton)
?:?? move to Nathan's (179 Herkimer, Hamilton)
To Bring: warm, dry, comfortable clothing. Snacks or drinks.

See you Monday!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


happy thanksgiving all! enjoy your long weekend, turkeys, tofu, and family fun... (?).. !!

we won't be having quarry (officially that is)

see you all next week!

Here it is ... yum yum tofurkey ... who wants a piece?

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

May you stop hiding under the covers.
May you let God pull the covers back.
May you embrace him.

May your whole life become a response to
the truth that you’ve always been loved,
you are loved, and you always will be loved.

And may you know, may you know deep
in the depths of your soul, that there’s nothing
you could ever do to make him love you less.

Nothing you could ever do to make God love you less.
Nothing you could ever do to make him love you less.


Friday, September 29, 2006

October's first Monday!

This Monday, Quarry is returning to Rob & Lisa's place ...

540 Bridgman Avenue

6:30 dinner
7:30 prayer, worship, chat ...

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Micah House schedule

Here is the Micah House Schedule. I will also send out emails a week in advance, and a day in advance.

Dinner should be served @ 6pm, and brunch is 10am. If you have any questions talk to Lindsay, Maja or me. If you are serving and haven't sent in your application, let's get going :-) Let me know if you need a copy.

Again, I think it is great that we stepped up to the plate on this. And thanks again to "Becky" for heading up the garage cleaning. It should be fun!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

MoNdAy (SepT 25)

This week we return to the Holloway homestead for our Quarry festivities

623 Thornwood Avenue

6:30 dinner
7:30 worship, discussion, prayer ...

Sunday, September 17, 2006

QUARRY, Monday Sept 18

This week we'll be gathering at Dave & Alicia's
623 Thornwood Avenue

6:30 dinner/bbq
7:30 worship, discussion, prayer ...

please be prompt and remember to bring the items you signed up for! :)

Thursday, September 14, 2006

let God speak back to you..

So one of the best things i got out of monday night was creating space for me and God to talk. prayer essentially. but prayer sounds so 'stiff' sometimes. monday night i found myself asking God alot of questions. thinking about the upcoming year, some decisions i need to make, etc. All night i felt complelled to write and journal...

i went to a seminar once about listening to God and allowing the Holy Spirit to fill you and speak to you... in your journalling. It may feel a bit weird or 'dear diary' at first... but sometimes i really feel the words are God's words and i can't stop my pen from writing. i found this on monday night. i'd ask God a question. he'd respond. i'd respond. a real conversation. it was refreshing.

give it a try.

have you and God talked today?

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Psalm 5

Give ear to my words, O Lord
Consider my sighing
Listen to my crying for help.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Monday's Quarry

This Monday, Quarry is returning to Rob & Lisa's place ...

540 Bridgman Avenue

6:30 dinner (let's begin promptly at 6:30 this week!)
7:30 gathering

Now, to plan for dinner ...

Who would like to bring:

  • main course (onion-free & veggie-friendly?)
  • salad/veggies
  • bread-type food
  • beverages
  • dessert
  • other?

Please "comment" to this post with your dinner contribution, so we might all organize this together ...

See you Monday!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Micah House Update

Les & Lindsay have arranged for to serve some meals at Micah House in the fall! They'll let us know more details about our dates on Monday, so bring your calendars to sign up!

As we are planning to volunteer at Micah House this year, we all must attend an orientation session. There is going to be an orientation next Saturday ...

Saturday Sept 16th , 9am- 12:00 noon

St. Peter's Anglican Church, 705 Main Street East, Hamilton (near Micah House)

An opportunity to learn more refugees and the issues they face
Learn more about the ins and outs of what goes on at Micah House
Gain some helpful tips on cross-cultural communication
Meet other volunteers
Ask any questions you might have, and share your experiences

All those currently volunteering at Micah House who have not yet attended an orientation session
And all those interested in getting involved at Micah House in the coming year.

To help prepare and equip you for your volunteer work at Micah House.

Please let Cathy (Micah's volunteer coordinator) know as soon as possible if you will be able to attend. She can be contacted at

Also, let me know if you're coming & we can carpool ...

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Labour Day ...

Eight hours for work
Eight hours for play
And eight hours for sleep excel.

On Labour Day we remember Samuel Duncan Parnell and his vision of a balanced life.

The origins of Labour Day can be traced back to the eight-hour working day movement that arose in New Zealand, in the newly founded Wellington colony in 1840, primarily because of carpenter Samuel Parnell's refusal to work more than eight hours a day. He encouraged other tradesman to also only work for eight hours a day and in October 1840 a workers' meeting passed a resolution supporting the idea.

The origins of Labour Day in Canada can be traced back to a printer's revolt in Toronto, where labourers tried to establish a 54-hour work week. At that time, any union activity was considered illegal and the organizers were jailed. Protest marches of over 10,000 workers were formed in response, which eventually led to Sir John A. Macdonald repealing the anti-union laws and arranging the release of the organizers as well.

New Zealand celebrates in October. Elsewhere, Labour Day is celebrated in May. Not Canada. When socialist delegates in Paris in 1889 appointed May 1 as the official International Labour Day the Government of Canada - fearing that allowing the proclamation to take hold in Canada might strengthen the socialist movement - selected a September date for Labour Day.

Labour Day, not just another day at the cottage.

~ This message is brought to you by the Quarry Committee for Continuing Education.

Have a great long weekend -- see you next Monday!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Monday's plans

On Monday we're moving to a new location! Join us at Mark's place for dinner at 6:30, and then something else at 7:30. You know ... discussion, prayer, exploration, etc. etc. etc.

Mark's place:
586 Barons Ct (off Woodward between Drury Lane and Guelph Line)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Monday, chez Rob

This Monday, Quarry is gathering at the Irish homestead ...

540 Bridgman Avenue

6:30 dinner (the Quarrymen are taking care of dinner this week!)
7:30 gathering

Unless, however it is over 30 degrees on Monday! Then we're meeting at the Holloway's. Don't worry, Dave will let you know Monday afternoon if there's a change in venue!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Monday: Steph, Simon, Kim, Rhonda ...

I am really looking forward to this Monday. Really.

We'll be hearing updates from our 'international friends' (OK, Kincardine isn't really international, but it is in another area code!), and upholding them in prayer together.

6:30 dinner
I'll make a main course. Please bring your favourite other potluck contribution.
7:30 the happenning

439 Smith Avenue
(upstairs -- use the driveway & outside stairs on the north side of the house)

Weather permitting, bring your swimsuit ... See you Monday!


Sunday, August 06, 2006

Change of plans for Monday.

Well, it seems to be a busy weekend for many of us! As there are very few of us around on Monday, we're going to take a Quarry break this week (Aug 7). We'll postpone this week's plan for next Monday, and meet at my place then ... So, enjoy the rest of the long weekend, and I'll see you all next week!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


The August long weekend is upon us, and Quarry moves to Maja's this week.

I'm guessing that some of us might be away this weekend? To help in planning for dinner, please let me know if you are or aren't coming (after Friday afternoon, please call me as the internet disappears for the weekend)

I've got an idea brewing for the evening ... come and see.

6:30 dinner
7:30 the idea

439 Smith Avenue
(upstairs: use the driveway/stairs on the north side of the house)

PS. Bring your bathing suit for an evening cool down.

Monday, July 31, 2006


This Monday (July 31), Quarry will be at Rob & Lisa's

540 Bridgman Avenue

6:30 dinner
7:30 prayer & worship

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Frogs ...

After reading chapter four, I’ve been seeing images of frogs invading my life! Could I really wait until tomorrow to be rid of them? Or am I actually doing just that? How often am I waiting until tomorrow?

There are many moments in my day that could be so much more. Moments that I could be more consciously sharing with God. Some days are more clear than others, more focused.
Some days I am not convinced that I met God at all, anywhere. Other times, God is so apparent and real to me in each moment. Not that God has changed, no.

So, how do I spend more of each day fully with God? Waking up, driving, working, reading, visiting, eating, biking, watching tv, sleeping? Once I choose to spend these moments with God, what happens next? How do I even choose this? How do I practically live today with God? What does that look like for me? What does that look like for you?

Have you experienced challenges in inviting God into moments of your day? Have you also found ways to do this successfully? What challenges you? What has worked for you? What are specific experiences when you have lived today (or moments of today) with God? What has God taught you?

On Monday, it will be encouraging to hear your stories … your questions and struggles … and your experiences of daily life with God. So, give it some thought – we’ll chat on Monday.

We'll gather at Rob & Lisa's on Monday:
540 Bridgman Avenue
6:30 dinner
7:30 worship, chatting, prayer ...

Who would like to bring
main course?
veggie course?

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Monday is coming ... find your swim suit!

We're travelling to a new location this week ... Gary's house!

389 Cosburn Crescent

6:30 potluck dinner ... everyone bring your favourite food!
7:30ish worship, visiting ... swimming! Bring your swim suit.

To find Gary's house (near Appleby & New):
Take New Street to Breckonwood Rd. Go south on Breckonwood.
Turn left onto Cosburn Crescent. House #389
905 634-9294

See you there!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Monday: July 10th

This Monday, Dave (this is your reminder!) will be leading us through chapter three.

We're meeting at Eric, Heather & Steve's place for a bbq!
680 Ramsgate Rd
(905) 631-8337

We're still looking for a few dinner contributors ...
Heather/Steve/Eric: bbq meat & condiments
Maja: veg food
Beverages: Tim
Buns: Gary
Dessert: ???
Salad/veggies: ???

6:30 dinner
7:30 chat, sing, pray ...

Bring along your swim suits for a post-Quarry swim!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Road trip ...

Monday will find Quarry at Janelle's place in Stoney Creek! Les will be leading us in an exploration of chapter two ...

To Janelle's (from Burlington):
Take the QEW toward Niagara and take the Fruitland Road exit.
Turn right onto Fruitland Road.
Go through the stoplight at the Service Road.
Turn left at the next set of lights onto Barton Street (Chandlier Place on corner).
Follow Barton Street past Glover Golf & McNeilly Road.
On the right side, Janelle's house is the last one before the field:

1038 Barton Street

Perhaps some might want to carpool from Burlington?

Remember ... 6:30 for dinner!
7:30 chapter two ...

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Encyclopedia Brown is on the case ...

Ahah! Some sleuthing has uncovered that kickball is actually ... Soccer Baseball! Business attire not required.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Practicing God's presence ...

God is always present and active in my life, whether or not I see God.

Coming to recognize and experience God's presence
is learned behaviour; I can cultivate it.

My task is to meet God in this moment

I am always tempted to live "outside" this moment.
When I do that, I lose my sense of God's presence.

Sometimes God seems far away for reasons I do not understand.
Those moments, too, are opportunities to learn.

Whenever I fail, I can always start again right away.

No one knows the full extent to which a human being
can experience God's presence.

My desire for God ebbs and flows, but God's desire for me is constant.

Every thought carries a "spiritual charge" that moves me a
little closer to or a little farther from God.

Every aspect of my life -- work, relationships, hobbies, errands -- is
of immense and genuine interest to God.

My path to experiencing God's presence will not look quite like anyone else's.

Straining and trying too hard do not help.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Week One

This Monday we'll be kicking off "God is Closer than you Think", exploring God's promise to us and the experience of Jacob. We'll use chapter one (and two?) as our guide. Please don't stay away if you haven't started reading yet -- the book will only serve as a loose guide to a larger discussion!

This summer we'll be sharing leadership each week Quarry, so that each of us might have an opportunity to guide discussion one evening. We have some leadership resources for the book (discussion ideas, sample questions, etc.) Please think about which chapter/topic you would be interested in facilitating over the next few months & let me know ...

This week we'll be gathering at Dave & Alicia's
623 Thornwood Avenue
6:30 dinner
7:30 worship, discussion, prayer ...

We were a small group last week, so still do not have all of dinner accounted for this week -- please let me know if you can bring salad, veggie dish, bread or beverages. Thanks!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

word up from the bruce!

Hey guys! Rhonda here (and Steph too I suppose... somewhere on site..)
Just wanted to leave you a hello from good ol' Bruce County! Things are looking fantastic up at the camp and feels really good too! Our staff are slowly moving up and things will be gearing up soon!

Hope you all have a fantastic night at Quarry Monday... and the Monday's to come... i shall miss you...


Friday, June 16, 2006

Monday's Quarry

This week we'll be welcoming Sean & Lezlie Allison, who will be sharing about their ministry in Cameroon. A great chance for us to continue to explore how to engage with our community, both locally & internationally.

We'll be gathering at the Reynolds-Irish household ...
540 Bridgman Avenue

6:30 dinner
7:30 worship ... teaching ... discussion ... prayer ...

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Book Search ...

Good news! I've tracked down a number of copies of God is Closer than you Think, and am now waiting on just one more to arrive. So, if you want to get started on the reading, now's your chance! We got a bit of a deal, so the cost on these is $15.50.

I'll bring them to Quarry on Monday, but if you'd like to get started before then, just let me know ... drop by or give me a call.

Maja: 905-631-8267

Friday, June 09, 2006

Sun dried tomatoes & sprinkles

This week is the final in our "nooooma series"

We'll be gathering at Les & Lindsay's place
(formerly known as Rob & Lisa's)
540 Bridgman Avenue

6:30 dinner
7:30 worship, small groups, prayer ...

Don't forget to bring your favourite pizza topping
& ice cream sundae topping to share ... yuuummm.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Beat the heat at Quarry!
(how's that for a cheezy line opener?!)
Hope to see you all out!
Location: Dave & Alicia Holloways
- 623 Thornwood Avenue -
6:30 dinner
7:30 worship, prayer, teaching...

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Monday, May 29

This week's Quarry is at Rob & Lisa Irish's

540 Bridgman Avenue
(3 blocks east of Wellington Square)

6:30 dinner
7:30 worship, small groups, prayer ...

Please let Rob & Lisa know if you won't be coming, so they can plan for dinner!

See you then!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Monday Monday

May 22
It's an action-packed long-weekend Quarry this week ...

4:30 Sport-o-rama (see Les' post below this one)
Meet at 439 Smith Ave & wander over to Lakeshore School ...
bring your sports equipment!
or, feel free to drop by for visiting & vegetable-chopping anytime!

6:30 Dinner, visiting and ... (board games perhaps?!?)
Bring your favourite beverages and/or munchies

Please call Maja if you'll be joining us
(this isn't because I don't loooove computers, but rather that I won't
have email/internet access this weekend, so you'll have to call)

439 Smith Ave
(between Lakeshore & New Street, just east of Brant Street)

Directions to Maja & Rhonda's new place:

From Brant Street, drive east on Lakeshore Rd.
Turn left onto Smith (at the house with crazy red & white diamond shutters).
We're the 2nd-last house on the right, before the end of Smith at New St.
Walk down the driveway on the north side of the house, and ascend the outside stairs to the balcony.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Pre-Quarry Sports Afternoon

We are having the first ever Quarry sports event!

When: 4:30pm, Monday - Victoria Day! - before Quarry.

Where: Lakeshore Public School, 2243 Lakeshore Road

This is within walking distance of Rhonda and Maja's house, so we will head directly there for dinner at 6:30.

What Sports: Soccer, Football?, maybe Basketball?, Ultimate?

Bring any sports equipment that you might have.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

NIDUS event?!

I came across this a few times now and in giving it a look, it looks pretty cool actually. If I was around I'd love to organize a camping weekend and checking it out... but alas, i'm gone to camp.
Nidus is a festival for people from all streams of Christian faith with music, arts, keynotes, worship, dialogue, drama and dance. Three days to express faith, celebrate the arts, and seek justice. The midus festival gathers people together to explore diversity and justice through music, arts, prayer and workshops.
Some great speakers i saw on the line up (Brian Mclarne (new kind of christian), and many more!) and a variety of musical styles. It really seems more than just a "kingdom bound" - it looks like it's got some quality going on....
Check out the website:

Sunday, May 14, 2006

QUARRY - Monday, May 15

This week come kick it at the Holloways for some dining, discussion, and... dancing? I needed another d-word... but likely there will be no dancing. but who knows...

We'll be hearing a presentation from Les regarding the Micah House... and we'll dive more into service and spiritual gifts. If we are longing to be a community that is active, so that 'no one is in need', we need to live and serve as a 'body with many parts' and use our spiritual gifts. A tag from our previous night on the Pentecost, let's spend time in small groups and sharing and learn more about what our community is made up of...

Location: Dave & Alicia Holloways
- 623 Thornwood Avenue -
Time: 6:30 dinner
7:30 worship, prayer, teaching...

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Micah House ... tonight!

Micah House is having an orientation tonight (Thursday) from 7-9pm.
This will be a great chance to find out more about this opportunity to serve our community.
If you're interested in attending tonight, contact Les & Lindsay at
More information about Micah House can also be found at:

Friday, May 05, 2006

Monday, May 8

Where do we go from here?

Have you given some thought to where we're going? Who we're becoming? This week we'll move from our brainstorming discussion & decide on some tangible actions to work toward our 'ideal' Quarry community. We'll worship together & also hope to hear from Micah House about some opportunities to support them ...

We'll be meeting at: rob & lisa irish's
540 Bridgman Avenue
(3 blocks east of Wellington Square)
6:30 dinner
7:30 gathering

See you Monday!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Monday, MAY 1st

Break in May with a night at Quarry!
Topic: Pentecost - what was the deal back then and today?! Flames?! Tongues?! The Holy Spirit?! We just celebrated Easter, but the important part now is the "what now?!" If we long to be an Acts 2 church (vs. 42- 47) and community, let's also explore the Pentecost (vs.1-41)
Location: Dave & Alicia Holloways - 623 Thornwood Avenue - 905.639.8842
Time: 6:30 dinner; 7:30 worship, prayer, teaching...


Hey guys! This was a post/comment from Les that is worth a good read! Fire off the questions/comments/interests! And thanks Les! This is exciting!
I thought that last night was great. Really encouraging. Things are really starting to happen. There are serious rumblings.

I emailed this to the list, but here is the info so far on Micah House.You can visit
I have also included some exerpts from the site, cause I know that I rarely click on links.

Micah House is the work of a group of Christians from a variety of churches and organizations in Hamilton. Together, it is our goal to demonstrate God's love to newly arrived refugee claimants upon their arrival in Hamilton...

Here are few examples of activities that volunteers will participate in:
* being a friend to a new arrival preparing and cooking meals with and for our guests
* preparing Welcome Packs for new guests
* visiting with guests in the home
* accompanying individuals to appointments
* helping a family set up and move into their new home
* gardening and maintaining the house
* tutoring or teaching English
* assisting in the office
* updating and maintainting the website and managing e-mail
* interpreting and translating for guests

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


We want to be ...

... how do we become this?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

how we doin'? QUARRY - Monday 24

Hey guys! Hope you all had a fantastic easter! It was so great to come together with those who were able, and have a time of celebration - celebration for what God had been doing in our lives, and in Quarry!

We want to allow God to continue to move freely in our lives, and thru the ministry of Quarry... so, let's come together and brainstorm and evaluate and dream about what the next steps are for Quarry. Take some time to pray about it this week - how does committing to 15mins this coming week to pray, write, listen, sound?

6:30 - Dinner - BBQ TIME!!!
7:30 - Discussions, worship, prayer, etc...
rob & lisa irish's
540 Bridgman Avenue
(3 blocks east of Wellington Square)

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Monday, April 17

This week we'll be celebrating together how God has been moving during Lent (and beyond) in our lives, Quarry, our communities, our world ... how richly we have been blessed. Join us on Monday for a celebration through worship, prayer, food and conversation ...

6:30 Dinner ...

Maja & Rhonda's place
1265 Ontario Street, apt 604 (buzz 229)

See you then!

Monday, April 10, 2006

MONDAY, april 10 - FINAL SCOOP for tonight!

Hey guys, this just in!
how's that for last minute-ness! Again, im sorry!

But i think this plan is shaping out to be a real significant night of reflection as we approach easter...

we'll be meeting at: rob & lisa irish's
540 Bridgman Avenue
(3 blocks east of Wellington Square)

6:30 dinner
7:30 gathering
...worship, discussion, small group prayer time/ministry, space and reflection upon easter...

Sunday, April 09, 2006

MONDAY, April 10 - uhhh... stay tuned!

DETAILS TO COME on this week's Quarry. Due to some complications in planning, we may not be attending a church in stations of the cross worship... it may be a home church/normal model.
Sooo... stay tuned.


rho's number - 905.631.8267 if you need to call with an update...

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Monday, April 2

Our first Quarry in April! Hoorah! Hooray! Perhaps we get to have quarry bbqs' soon!

Hope to see you all out Monday
6:30- dinner
7:30 - worship/teaching/discussion
@ Lisa & Rob’s
540 Bridgman Avenue
905-632-9456(3 blocks east of Wellington Square)
send a shout out to Rob & Lisa if you will be joining us (or maybe not joining if you are a 'regular')

I'll be looking for volunteers to help bring stuff on Sunday, so you can beat me to the punch and let me know if you can bring something...

Topic: as we continue our preparation for Lent, and search thru the disciplines to find ways of seeking Him, we'll be looking at the spiritual discipline of submission.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Monday, March 27


We’re really shaking it up this week – new place, new time, new format! The only thing that hasn’t changed is that it’s still on Monday …

This week we’ll be focusing on worship. We won’t be dining together at the start of Quarry, so grab a snack before you come. Instead, we’ll go out afterward …

Here’s the plan:

7:00 ... meet at Wellington Square (in sanctuary)
After ... out for wings, fries, pints, salads, etc.

Until Monday ...

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Monday, March 20

Join us at Heather James' place:

680 Ramsgate Rd (Burlington)
(905) 631-8337

6:30- Dinner
please let Heather know if you'll be joining us for dinner:
7:30 - Worship ... teaching ... prayer

Orville James will be joining us this week as we continue in our series on
Spiritual Disciplines, leading us in an exploration of the discipline of solitude.

See you Monday!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Chocolat ...

Mmmmm … Chocolat was a great film and the fondue was delicious – I’m sure glad I didn’t give up chocolate (or cheese or fruit or banana bread or … )

I’ve been thinking more about the discipline of fasting this week … what are my motives? What is God trying to teach me? What am I learning? How might an ongoing practice of this discipline impact? Just a few thoughts running through my mind …

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Monday's Quarry

Join us ...
@ Lisa & Rob’s
540 Bridgman Avenue 905-632-9456
(3 blocks east of Wellington Square)

6:30 Come with your favorite fondu dipping treat
(we will have cheese AND chocolate sauce!)

This week we will be continuing in our exploration of Lent and Spiritual Disciplines. Some of us will be fasting for the 24hrs. prior to Quarry - it will be great to share together our experience of how God has been moving (expect great things!). Though whether or not you’re fasting, please join us at 6:30 for conversation, worship, food and film.

For those who will be fasting this week, Nathan has passed on some tips:

1/ Fast from 6:30 Sunday night until 6:30 Monday evening.

Don't eat a heavy meal to 'store up' for the fast. Just eat regularly the day before – fresh fruits and vegetables are recommended.

3/ During the fast, drink water. You can also drink fruit juices ... or you can drink just water ... whatever.

4/ Use the time you would usually be eating meals to focus on God and pray, read the Bible, enjoy creation, build into community, etc.

5/ Keep the fact that you are fasting to yourself. Only tell peoplewho need to know; this will help ensure that the focus and reason for your fast remains true. However, if you usually eat meals with your family, co-workers or significant other, and they are not fasting, explain to them why you are not eating with them ... don't just blow them off.

6/ Allow God to move in and through you. Be open. You are honouring God with this fast and he is pleased with you.

Monday, March 06, 2006


What a great night of teaching, discussion, worship, and prayer we had together tonight at Quarry. For those who missed it, we talked about fasting as part of our series on 'spiritual disciplines'. We wrestled with questions like...should we even be fasting?... how can we fast for long periods of time and still be expected to function without proper nutrition?... are we even commanded to fast?... what are the wrong motives to fast?... We didn't come up with all the answers or a cookie cutter method to this act of fasting, but our hope in all the practice of discipline is to help us draw closer to God - that it be an act of worship - that we excercise new ways of seeking his face...

If you would like, you can join us as we fast together; several of us will be fasting prior to next week's Quarry. We will break our fast together at 6:30, Monday as we share a meal (and chocolate!) together. Perhaps you'd like to join us...

If you want to read up on fasting, Richard Foster's "Celebration of Discipline" has some fabulous thoughts and scriptures to look at.

Perhaps someone (nathan?) could post some of the basic suggestions for fasting as well.

Let us pray that God speaks to us in new and exciting ways this week!

Let us not just dip our toe in, but begin to swim...

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Monday, March 6

Monday: time for Quarry!

6:30 - dinner ...
7:30 - gathering, worship, etc...

@ Rhonda & Maja's
1265 Ontario Street
Apt 604, buzz #229

Drop us an email ( or ring
if you plan on joining us for dinner ...

See you Monday!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

now what?

So i've been continuing to ponder Maja's thoughts and challenges on servanthood since Monday. So often I get caught up in just token acts of service, but not fostering a servant's heart...

What does that mean for Quarry? How can we better serve one another... how can we be continually looking outside ourselves? Staying late to do dishes? Offering someone a ride? Listening instead of speaking? Stepping outside of our comfort zones to bless someone else?

And beyond that - what does service look like with those in our everyday and mundane - from our families and friends, in our workplace, to the people we meet on the street (and sharing giving out wallets?!) or giving up your seat on the GO, to stacking chairs after a meeting at church...

So many possibitlies... so many i often miss...
May we humbly develop the attitude of Christ...

Friday, February 24, 2006

Quarry, Monday Feb 27

Spiritual Disciplines: Service
Is service really more than just washing dishes?
How can it become a spiritual discipline?

In our ongoing preparation for lent, and our series exploring spiritual disciplines, this week we’re looking at ‘service’ …
what scripture teaches, practical applications for our personal faith lives, growing our hearts for what Jesus calls us to,
and the transforming character of service …

Dinner begins at 6:30
(if you like to chop veggies, drop by earlier!)
Gathering at 7:30
@ Lisa & Rob Irish’s
(Please try to contact Rob & Lisa if you plan on joining us for dinner: 905-632-9456)
540 Bridgman Avenue (3 blocks east of Wellington Square)

Food tip: If you’re contributing to dinner, please remember
that we have an onion allergy, vegetarians and a vegan in our midst …

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


So Monday night we got a great look at what the role of confession has been for various centuries, in the life of the church. (The funnest church history lesson I've been too in awhile i must say!) So what will it look like in our church community? Maybe not a confession booth, and maybe not everyone will find a safe accountability partner within this group - but may we create a safe place, where we can be authentic...

Friday, February 17, 2006

QUARRY, Monday Feb 20

Mix-mix-mixin' it up with a new topic, new speaker, and new location!

Topic: Spiritual Disciplines - confession
Guest Speaker: Tom Chire - a member of Wellington Square; former Jesuit preist

6:30 - dinner -try to drop Janelle a line if you will be joining for dinner (
7:00 - gathering - worship, teaching...

Janelle is housesitting for the Southon's (one of the minsiters at the Square). The minister is away, so QUARRY can play! Janelle is excited to host us this Monday!
3161 Trailwood Drive
Burlington, ON
(guelph line, to pinemeadow(right), to trailwood (right), house just on left hand side...)


here are some pics from days gone by.... gosh we're fun ;)
top row of pics - dinner out to east sides (december)
middle row - a night at quarry (january)
bottom row - road trip to mars hill/michagan (january)

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Since so many of you missed our fine guest speaker on Monday, let me share with you some of the thoughts we talked thru that i got from the handout (yes! Dave even had a handout- how's that for impressive folks!)

The central point for the discipline of simplicity is to seek the Kingdom of God and the righteiousness of His Kingdom FIRST and then everything will come in it's proper order. Simplicity is an INWARD reality that results in an outward lifestyle.
Check out Matthew 6:19-34 for the scripture studied

Some outward expressions of simplicity (challenges you may say... for how to live out simplicity in your everyday life. remember not to get wrapped up in these things as rules - as then that becomes the idol; but relfect and pray on an area that God may be calling you too)
1) buy things for their usefulness rather than their status
2) Reject anything that is producing an addiction in you
3) Develop a habit of giving thigns away
4) Refuse to be propagandized by the custodians of modern gadgetry
5) Learn to enjoy things without owning them
6) Develop a deeper appreciation for the creation
7) Look with a healthy skepticism at all "buy now, pay later" schemes
8) Obey Jesus' instructions about plain, honest speech (matt 5:37)
9) Reject anything that breeds the oppression of others
10) Shun anything that distracts you from seeking first the Kingdom of God.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Monday, Feb 13

Sure Monday means the start of another week... but it also means QUARRY TIME! (how's that for a opener!) Hope to see you all and more out to fill up our living room on Monday!

We'll be digging into some of these "spiritual disciplines"...
Topic: Simplicity

6:30 - meal (thanks for those people who signed up to bring stuff! :) )
7:30 - gathering, worship, etc...@ Rhonda & Maja's
apt.1265 Ontario Street
Apt 604
buzz #229

Drop us an email ( or ring if you plan on joining us for dinner so we have enough eats - but we wouldn't turn you away if you just showed up ;)

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

don't settle...

Hey guys... a word i had during prayer time the other night together.
don't settle.
not sure what that means - was it for me? I know i need that word often... i settle for second best in my life and especially in my relationship with God. was it for us? what is for Quarry? what it just a random passing thought i had?
hmmm... thought i'd throw it out there.

As we dive into a new series, as we continue to 'be a generation that seeks His face', as we continue to grow and step out as a ministry - what is God calling us to? What does "settling" look like for Quarry? Ponder...

Looking forward to exploring and soon experiencing this season of Lent together.

be blessed.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Quarry, Monday Feb 6

Lent. What's the deal? What does it really mean? We're going to start digging into a new series on Lent and Spiritual Disciplines. Sounds quite intense and not fun doens't it? Hmm... well, if you come it will be fun! Come out as we intro this new topic. New people always welcome!!
Dinner will kick off at around 6:30...
Gathering at 7:30...
(Please try to contact Rob & Lisa if you plan on joining for dinner)
@ Rob & Lisa Irish's
540 Bridgman Avenue (3 blocks east of Wellington Square)
phone: 905-632-9456

QUARRY road trip recap...

So your feild reporters are back. Back from our trip to Grand Rapids - Mars Hill Church - home of Rob Bell, teacher extraordanaire! We survived over 10 hours in a 'pimpin' van (Yeah Maja!), "ultimate" drinks, and bunking together! It's interesting to see what community looks like when you spend so much time together! It was a great experience for everyone I think, and we are excited to take what we learned and see how it fits with our ministry here at Quarry. Lots to ponder... it's important for all of us to reflect and continue to vision for Quarry with that same intensity of those first days. God is moving so much in and thru this community, but what's next? I'm not just talking bigger and better, but a real heart check for Quarry - how are we doing? Something to chew on...

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Quarry, Monday 30th

One of the goals of quarry is to create genuine community and opportunity to worship God. It's sometimes easy to worship and feel a sense of community as we pray for each other or worship in song together, but what about in our everyday life? So that being said, Monday night is movie night!! Let's enjoy some eats, drinks, conversation, and big screen action (honestly, the Irish's have a sweet set up in the basement!) Perhaps this is a great night to invite a friend to! Here's the details:
Dinner & a Movie...
Dinner will kick off at around 6:30...
but you can always join in whenever your schedule allows!
(Please try to contact Rob & Lisa if you plan on joining for dinner)
Rob & Lisa Irish
540 Bridgman Avenue (3 blocks east of Wellington Square)
phone: 905-632-9456

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Saturday, Jan 28
Meet at church @ 12:40 (NOTE TIME CHANGE)
Sunday, Jan 29
Back around dinner/evening

Trip to check out Mars Hill Church (
and just for plain, good, road trip fun!

Contact: Janelle Donn - ; 905-543-0296 for info. Sign up by Wednesday, Jan 25.

flexing some spiritual muscles...

It's been great exploring this whole discernment thing and hearing God's voice. We spent time sharing crossroads, and frustrations of not knowing how to know which is the 'right way'... and then were comforted by the fact that sometimes it just doesn't matter. We dug into scripture, and started practicing some tools to examine ourselves and tune into God's voice. It's good to 'flex those muscles' like Steph put it. It was great to come together to seek to hear God's voice and word for each other... what a gift of community. You can't really do that on your own... Funny how God knew that and made us to live in communion with each other...

if anyone has any follow up reports, prayer requests, or comments on this 'series', drop 'em here.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Thursday, January 19, 2006

QUARRY, Mon Jan 23

Quarry is moving to a new home this week ... Rob and Lisa's house!

Dinner at 6:30
Please contact Rob & Lisa if you will be joining us for dinner
Gathering at 7:30

Rob & Lisa Irish
540 Bridgman Avenue (3 blocks east of Wellington Square)
phone: 905-632-9456

This week we'll be going further as we seek to discern God's will in our lives ... using some of the ideas we've been exploring this year, Steph will guide us through a time of listening for God's voice. It will be good to come together in prayer & worship, listening for God.

Join us for worship, prayer and fellowship (no! not the f-word! ) ...

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

monday, january 16

With our faithful blogmaster out east dining on lobsters,
I’ll attempt to fill in …

Last night was another “life-giving” Quarry (I love Monday nights!). A good night of digging into the Word. A great chance to sort through scripture and explore how others have sought to discern the will of God. Learning from folks in the old testament and the early church:
Naomi, Naaman, Elisha, Gideon … Jesus.
The Coles Notes Version of Discernment Tools:
Pray, Mourn, Pray, Fast, Pray, Roll the Dice, Pray, Commit, Pray Boldly, Act.

I’m still pondering Rob’s statement: “God doesn’t always care what you do or where you are. God is much more concerned with who you are.” Hmmmm …

“And whatever you do, whether in word or in deed,
do everything in the name of Lord Jesus,
giving thanks to God the Father through him.”
~Col 3:16-17

Stay posted for more info to come on Monday at Rob & Lisa’s …
looking forward to being together again, after we all return from travelling, work and sickness ...

PS. For those looking to explore the Prayer of Examen, check out this site (click on the fourth resource down on this page for the document):

Thursday, January 12, 2006

QUARRY, Mon Jan 16

Hope to see Dave & Alicia's living room crammed with people again on Monday night.
Dave @ Alicia Holloway's
623 Thornwood Avenue
(you can do the 411 or mapquest on it to get more details if you'd like)

6:30 - Dinner -
please contact Dave/Alicia if you plan on joining us for a meal...
7:30 - Gathering

Rob Irish will be leading us in some teaching and small groups as we dive more into this topic of 'discerning God's will for our lives'. Let's gather together to search scriptures, worship, and develop tools to seek His face and will for our lives...

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


A night of abundance is how I would probably descibe last night - fullness, richness, abundance...
From the big hearty meal, to the number of people squished in the living room (I think we hit close to 25 last night!), the fullness of conversations and even boisterous songs and games!, the contemplative teaching and sharing time, and the incredible sound of our voices being lifted up (last night I caught myself with a dorky grin on my face, just listening to the phenominal worship around me... it was beautiful!). The night continued even into more times of community and celebration into the late hours! God certainly was and is pleased with what we are doing at Quarry...As we've been talking about 'what is God's will'... i think it's in his will for us to meet together like we do...

May your week be filled God's abundance - LIFE GIVING MOMENTS.Last night we talked a bit about what are thing in your day that energize you and give you life! Take time to reflect and thank God for the things that fill you...

And huge blessings and prayers go to Simon, who is on his way to South Africa for the year...
Godspeed friend.

Friday, January 06, 2006

monday jan 9

come one. come all.
@ rhonda & maja's -
see previous post for directions/contact

6:30 - dinner...
let me know if you are coming or wanna/able to bring something.
7:30 - gathering...

a message from simon. Simon will be doing some leading and sharing monday night ANNNND it's his last Quarry before he heads off to South Africa to learn how to be way smarter and spiritual than us... *tear*
Hey ya'll! Looking forward to getting together with ya'll again! What will we be looking at? Well...with the sway and move of the Spirit, who knows really! What I CAN say is that we'll be going a little deeper into this whole "God's will" thing and what it looks like/feels like...etc.
As Bono once said, people, get ready. ;)

(aka Simon doesn't really know what he's talking about yet... lol.)

Hope to see the living room crammed with you all...

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


It was so good to be back together last night! Some new faces too and hoping to see everyone again over the next few weeks as we recover and get back into the groove...

For those who missed it, it certainly didn't take long for quarry to get back into its groove. Another night filled with space, sharing, prayer, and worship... and of coarse eating too.

A thought for the week...from the words of Oswald Chambers... the ultimate resolution is to be "your best for his glory". What a challenge, but at the same time it should be something that really frees us up to stop living for the expectations we put on ourselves or others put on us. God calling on our life is a big one, but one full of GRACE and JOY and PURPOSE... What is that going to look like in your life this year? How will that or should that impact how you live out 2006...

And remember your ultimate calling is to simply be. be the child of God he created you to be. simple. Rest in His promises...

Feel free to post comments, prayer requests, updates, etc. You don't have to sign up - you can just post anonomously.

Check up on the blog later for a word from Simon about next week's quarry...