Tuesday, September 23, 2008

change of plans.

Although we had a fun evening playing Settlers of Catan on Monday (congrats Gilbert & Lisa ... well played!), it was disappointing to have had to set aside the original plans for this week’s Quarry.

It was to be an evening of looking back and celebrating all that has happened in & to Quarry over the past four years - I was excited to reflect together on God's faithfulness and continual presence in the life of our group. This was to be the first step in beginning to look forward as a group. With so many folks missing, we decided to set aside these plans, in hopes that we will all gather together next week to begin the celebrating, planning & dreaming.

It seems that we’re at a pivotal point in the life of our group. Many of our group have moved to new (far-away) homes, and many others are entering into new seasons of life. We’re in a time of transition, both as individuals and as a group. This isn’t just a token planning session, in an attempt to use up my stock of sticky notes :) We need to have some focused, honest conversations about where Quarry is going ...

Please try to join us for the next few weeks. If you’re not planning to come, please let me know. We need to continue with the process, but it is key for me to be aware of who will not be participating. Let me know what you’re thinking ...

So, let’s plan to gather back together at the Irish’s on Monday to begin the conversation with some celebrating! See you at 6:30 ...

main: Gary
main veg: Meghan
bread & veggies: Mark
beverages: Jess & Gilbert
dessert: Maja

Rob, finding solace in some tea after losing his teammate Meghan to the inter-city commute.

"Team not-quite-the-winner-but-we-did-have-the-longest-road-for-most-of-the-game."

So close to winning. If only ...

The winning team!

Friday, September 19, 2008

monday ... and beyond.

This week we're going to begin to look at the year ahead for Quarry ... who do we want to become & what do we want to do? Can you believe that we are in our fourth year as Quarry?!? So much has happened ... and so much is yet to happen.

Please begin to think about ...

. What would I like to see as the focus of Quarry this year?
. How would I like to see each evening/week/month/year structured?
. What would I like to see stay the same in the year ahead? Change? How?
. Many of our group members have moved away in the past few months. Are you content with the current size of Quarry, or should we be inviting others to join this group? If so, whom?
. For Quarry to happen each week, not only do we need to generate ideas, but we also need to put those ideas into action. What is my involvement going to be in Quarry in the next year? How will I use my gifts/resources/skills? Role? Time commitment?

This is a key conversation as we look to the year ahead - hoping that everyone will be able to join us! See you at 6:30.

Main Meghan
Main veg Mark
Bread & Veg Jess & Gilbert
Bevvies Maja
Dessert Les & Lindsay

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

hands up hands on.

Wow. So great to see everyone last week!
Good to be in the same room together, catch up & pray together.
Looking forward to seeing y'all again on Monday ...

Here's the meal plan for this week:

Main Course (veg): Mark
Main Course: Jess & Gilbert
Veggies & Bread: Maja
Bevies: Les & Lindsay
Dessert: Rob & Lisa

See you at Rob & Lisa's at 6:30.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

September 8

Happy September!
Hoping that you all had a wonderful long weekend ...

This Monday, we'll be gathering at Rob & Lisa's to continue the Psalms series.
Following last week's discussion/email conversation, we will need to chat more about our Micah House commitment over dinner.

In the weeks to come we will take an evening to look at Quarry's year ahead, including our 'out of the living room' plans, but in the meantime we'll need to chat about Micah House specifically.

Here's the meal calendar for this week:
Dinner Gary
Dinner V Rob & Lisa
Bread & Veggies Rebecca
Bevies Meghan
Dessert Mark
*Note there are 12 people on the meal list, 2 veggies.

6:30 dinner
7:30 psalms (bring a Bible)