Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Who are we?


Now what?

A few questions remain ...
What will our year look like?
What will we do to actively work toward who we are striving to become as a group?
What part will you play in this?

Please prayerfully consider these questions over the next few days ... join us on Monday with your ideas. I'm looking forward to some creative conversations!

Check the calendar for meals ... see you Monday!

ps. question du jour in German? Frage des tages.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Monday, October 20.

This week, we'll continue the planning process, moving on to beginning to make some tangible plans for Quarry's year ahead.

I'm sorry that I wasn't able to send out any followup questions this week - something came up this week that took up much of my time. However, we're still on track for Monday ...

Prior to gathering at Rob & Lisa's, please reread the emailed summary of our brainstorming session from last week (or check out the postit notes below). Please think about (and jot down notes):

- which three ideas in each category should be our top priorities for the year ahead. Why?
- which ideas are you uncertain about?
- how will we accomplish your three priorities? What role will you play in working toward these goals?

See you Monday!

6:30 dinner
Main: Maja
Veg Main: Les & Lindsay
Bread & Veggies: Rob & Lisa
Bevvies: Meghan
Tasty Treats: Mark

7:30 planning (I may have run out of postit notes!)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

this is a public service announcement.

VOTE. This Tuesday. Vote.

If you're still undecided about who you'll vote for, do some research about the party platforms. Here's one place to begin

If you wonder how to register, or where you should go to vote on Tuesday, go to Elections Canada.

Please, VOTE!

Friday, October 10, 2008

I have purchased stock in Post-its.

After an evening of celebrating the past of Quarry, we have now moved to looking to the future of our community. Monday was a great evening of sharing our hopes for our group - who we will become, what we will do, how we hope to experience God?

After praying & generating ideas, we began to discuss with which of these ideas we were all in agreement and committed to working together to make happen.

Which ones are you uncertain about? Let us know - let's continue to chat before we next gather together to come to consensus and begin to plan ...

There is still more discussion to be had! I will be emailing a summary of our post-it notes, which will also include some additional ideas submitted by some folks who missed Monday evening. Please read & pray through these ideas.

For any of these ideas to happen we all, individually and as a group, need to be commited to working at them. Decide which ones you are committed to. Think about which ideas excite you, which ones seem realistic, which ones are a challenge you are up for, which ones don't ring true for you, which ones you will help to make happen.

. . .
A reminder of our conversations this week:

In a year, what do we want to say about Quarry?
When our beloved sticky notes appear next year, what do we want to be able to write on them?

Here are the ideas that we currently agree upon:
(click on the picture to read the stickies on a larger image)

Here are the ideas that we don't all currently agree upon:

Some personal reflections to keep in mind as you mull over our conversations:

Personally, what would cause you to stop being part of Quarry?

Personally, what would encourage you to continue being part of Quarry?

I'll email some more reflection questions early next week, as well as some directed questions to begin preparing for next Monday.

Enjoy your tofurkey ... see you next week!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

it's something unpredictable ...

How good it was to look back on the past few years of our Quarry community on Monday evening - can you believe we're in our fourth year together?!? So many good memories, relationships strengthened, questions asked, questions answered (well, perhaps more questions asked than answered ...), fun times had, meals shared, children welcomed, "international" representatives commissioned ...

Through all of this, and most importantly, we have seen God at work. God has been at the centre of our community; strengthening, challenging, healing, moving. God has been faithful, responding to our questions, dreams and hopes ...

As promised, press play for your custom slideshow soundtrack - two of my all time favourite songs :)

Quarry. Who have we been? What have we done? (yellow & orange) What has been our focus? (pink) How have we experienced God? (green)

(click on the image for a larger view - you'll be able to read the postits)

As we begin to look forward to the next months and year, we need to be prayerful, both individually and as a group, about where we are going and who we are becoming. Please take time this week to ponder and pray about the next steps for Quarry. This Monday, we will continue this process, praying together and sharing our honest ideas.

... What does the future of Quarry look like?
... What are your hopes for Quarry?
... What will be our priorities & focus?
... What will our group look like? What will we do?
... What role will you take in this?

So that we can set aside focused time for this conversation, let's try to begin promptly on Monday ... 6:30 for dinner, 7:30 on the red couch (don't forget your fabric swatches for the question-de-jour furniture consultation).

Monday's Meal (Oct 6)
Main: Les & Lindsay
Main (veg): Rob & Lisa
Bread & Veggies: Meghan
Beverages: Mark
Dessert: Jess & Gilbert