Friday, December 30, 2005

FIRST QUARRY OF 2006 - Monday JAN 2

Hey one and all... i hope you have survived the turkeys, family dynamics, crazy schedules, chaotic shopping and jello salads - and above all that, I truely hope you found some real holy moments this past christmas season.

As you start gearing back into normalcy and routine again, I want to invite you back to Quarry.

6:30 - meal
7:30 - gathering, worship, etc...
@ Rhonda & Maja's apt.
1265 Ontario Street
Apt 604
buzz #229

Drop us an email ( or ring if you plan on joining us for dinner so we have enough eats - but it's ok if you just show up too!

As we head into a new year, we'll be taking some time to position ourselves before God and refocus our worth and goals in Him. How are you going to allow God to use you this year?

We'd love to see familiar and new faces as we kick off the 2006 year together.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all! Hope you have a time of richness, reflection, community, and celebration (even admist the chaos, dyfunction, and expectations).

May Christ be alive and real to you this season and in the weeks to come.

The next Quarry will take place on Jan.2. Stay tuned for details...

Thursday, December 15, 2005


This Monday, Dec 19 - Quarry will be hitting up East Side Marios so we can enjoy some more time over food, drinks, holiday nog perhaps??!!.

East Side's at the Maple View Mall, 7:00. Join us for dinner - or swing by for some drinks or desert.

(this will be our last Quarry until the New Year)

Saturday, December 10, 2005


680 Ramsgate Rd
(905) 631-8337
6:30- Dinner
(if you haven't normally joined us for dinner, you are welcome - just drop Heather a line at the above number or email at:
7:30 - Worship & Teaching
(lead by Orville James -one of the ministers at Wellington Square)
We'll be continuing our advent series and Orv will be diving into the topic of the incarnation
Come join us for another opportunity to seek God and experience Him!

Monday, December 05, 2005


What an awesome night of worship and prayer we had Monday night! Indeed, God was smiling down upon us as we offered our requests, repentence, and ourselves up to Him....

Let us encourage one another in how God is continuing to move within us and thru as throughout the week. Perhaps you want to leave a message for us all to enjoy and give thanks! Just click on "comment" on the bottom right hand corner of this message; you don't have to sign up as a "member" if you don't want, you can post something as anonymous and sign your name in the message if you so wish.

"oh God let us be... a generation that seeks your face..."

Saturday, December 03, 2005


Monday night we're meeting at Rhonda & Maja's place.
6:30 Dinner (thanks to all those who agreed to bring food. Nathan, don't forget the NOG!!) If you are new and are wanting to join us for dinner, just drop me a line! (
7:30 Worship, teaching, prayer, etc...

DIrections: 1265 Ontario Street (corner of Maple & Ontario/facing maple), apt. 604, call number 229

Join us as we continue to bring life and meaning to this advent season, meet with God, and care for one another...

Monday, November 28, 2005

what's with the name?

After much agony and brainstorming (more so agony than effective brainstorming) we have decided upon the name QUARRY for this emerging ministry. Although slash and night danga came in close seconds?!?! We wanted to start owning a name other than 20/30 something ministry because it's not about a defined age group, or just a youth group for older people...

QUARRY came about when we kept talking about the desire to be searching... seeking...
Here's the definitions of quarry...

An open excavation or pit from which stone is obtained by digging, cutting, or blasting.
A rich or productive source.

To extract by long, careful searching

Together we want to experience, search, and dig for the richness God offers us.

And we think it could sound cool.
And it's not lame.

what is quarry??

It all began with some conversations surrounding the "uniquness" of our age group (20/30 somethings). There appeared to be a need to develop a ministry that creates a relevant space for people to come together, develop authentic community, share life, and meet with God together for our generation. It came clear that this may need to happen outside of our church walls (Wellington Square United Church). This emerging ministry is more than a group, but not separate from the life-changing ministry of Wellington Square.

So a group of people have begun to meet together. eat together. pray together. sing together. talk together. learn together. Every Monday night we gather in someone's living room and strive to create an 'Acts 2 church' for this generation. Each night looks different, recognizing the various ways we worship and learn.

We are a generation of people seeking after genuine community and a closer relationship with God. We search for intimacy with God and at the same time showing that intimacy with God can be achieved, that it’s for everyone. And we want to invite others to share in the community that this intimacy creates.

QUARRY - Monday nights
Location: various living rooms right now...
Time: 6:30 dinner/ 7:30 church
Contact Rhonda @ the church 905.634.1849 for details
or check the post for regular updates on the week's events.